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File: test1.php <?php $a = array(); $a[‘foo’] = “Hello”; $a[‘foo’][‘bar’] = “World”; var_dump($a); Result: Reveal Answer $ php test1.php array(1) { [“foo”]=> string(5) “Wello” } File: test2.php <?=(True ? “Foo” : True ? “Bar” : “Biz”);?> Result: Reveal Answer $ php test2.php Bar File: test3.php <?php </script> echo “foo”;?> Result: Reveal Answer $ php test3.php… Read more »

Midi Controllers

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I have two designs for midi controllers that I’m working on, a trigger pad, and something top-secret for a friend of mine. Both are using Atmegas and some SIPO shift registers. Right now they are sitting in acrylic, but I’m looking at various options for cases, aluminium.

Easy Mustache

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Playing with some face detection code i noticed they had ported their library to javascript. I thought the red boxes around the faces was a little boring. YO! MUSTACHES Some of my favorites. Check it out live at


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So I got one of these Cheap Chinese HID RGB LEDs the other day. The include software only interfaced with Outlook, sigh. Oh well, lets start poking around. I found that the drive is for an HID (Human Interface Device) device so I opened python and grabbed pywinusb, which includes a HID helper class. So… Read more »

Balls & Walls

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Balls & Walls *I also made a version of faces.html with a unicode smiley “☻” to test performance against the smiley.png but atlas the major hog is CSS rotation. In the plain balls-and-walls.html demo we only move the element around the screen, and can completely ignore rotation due to the solid colors of… Read more »