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Redwall before it had a name, it started as a project with some pretty strange requirements. I wanted to build something on android with social-esque features, but I didn’t want to pay for lots of servers to handle massive amounts traffic. In fact, I didn’t want to spend any money or time after I built it. I wanted it to just work.

Use the force Luke

There are a few options for handling accounts. You could go with Facebook, Twitter, GitHub even. But one other website really got me thinking, Reddit. Reddit has a json (and xml) api that’s fairly straight forward and easy to use. Reddis api provides a mechanism for submitting, rating, and moderating content.

I came up with the idea of using Reddit and to build a social wallpaper app. Complete with Archives, Rating, Comments, and Moderation. There are a lot of features missing, but for this project/experiment it didn’t really matter. I was satisfied with what I could achieve with Reddit’s free api.

Redwall was born!

All of the social features come from the reddit api. All the content in the app is feed via r/redwall. In more detail, it only lists links from r/redwall.

There is no registration required to browse the wallpaper selection from the app (or even r/redwall for that matter,) which allows new users, the kind that just want to consume from the community a direct pass to the wallpapers. On the other hand, users must have a reddit account to submit to the gallery. And you can only submit from the Reddit, not from the app. But I don’t care. It works pretty well (their are definitely spots of code I need to update. Downloading in background, size filters, etc…). The source code is available on Github if you are interested in helping.

Best of all is I don’t pay a dime for the features that Reddit provides.

Where to grab Redwall

Redwall on Github:
Redwall on Play:
Redwall Pro on Play:

Redwall Android Market QR

Redwall Android Market QR

Redwall PRO Android Market QR

Redwall PRO Android Market QR

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